Gita Seshadri, Ph.D., LMFT(Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist)

Re-author your relationship possiblities...Counseling for Individuals, Couples, and Families 


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  • Courses Taught: (in no particular order) **These courses have been taught in programs where students are earning their degrees in Psychology, degrees in Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy, and/or degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy. **
    • Bachelors' Courses:
      • Introduction to Counseling
      • Social Science- Senior Capstone (Introduction to Research)
    • Masters' Courses:
      • Law and Ethics
      • Foundations of Graduate Study For MFT
      • Diversity and the Family
      • Cultural Diversity, Gender, and Family Therapy
      • MFT Practicum
      • MFT Practicum Extension
      • Individuals and the Family Life Cycle
      • Research and Bibliographic Methods
      • Substance Abuse Counseling
        • Also, T/A for Family Therapy and Chemical Abuse
      • Working with Interracial Couples in Therapy (self designed elective)
      • Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples
      • Parent Child Relationships
      • Trauma and Crisis Intervention
      • Chemical Dependency and the Family
      • Psychopathology
    • Doctoral Courses:
      • Advanced Brief Therapy Models
      • Advanced MFT Research Methods: Qualitative Research
      • Advanced Intergenerational Therapy
      • Advanced Practicum (for Doctoral Level MFT students only)
      • co-teaching with professors in a Clinical Psychology program: 
        • Cultural Diversity training
      • Systemic Sex Therapy
      • Treating Infidelity and Sex Addiction
      • Internship supervision
        • customized and specialized to students choice; customized tracks are in the following categories: research, teaching, specialized training within clinical hours, AAMFT clinical supervision of supervision, and/or program development/advocacy.  
    • I have also presented at various conferences on a variety of topics within the field of mental health at various cities in California, states in the US, and countries internationally.